Not every business that's successful in the U.S. has an easy time extending that success globally. Some aspects of your business may translate easily, others will require a more nuanced approach.

Polarian Partners' European team that has considerable experience starting up, launching and growing businesses across Europe. Plus, we've got the right cross cultural experience to do so effectively for U.S. based companies. We can help you identify and hire the right local talent, as well as manage business development and accelerate sales as you work to get established.

Thinking about entering the Chinese market? China is different than almost any other market, but the rewards can be significant. Several members of the Polarian team have lived and worked in China for many years, and have considerable connections and expterise there. We can give you a roadmap on how best to approach this exciting but challenging market, as well as help you establish the right local partnerships you'll need to succeed.


If you're based outside the U.S., Polarian Partners can serve as your American headquarters. We'll provide you with a local team to represent you on initial North American business and partnerships, while you work to establish your presence here.