At Polarian Partners, we like to take on interesting and challenging projects that make use of our varied skills and backgrounds. Here are a few of them. If you have a unique challenge, we'd love to turn it into one of our success stories in the future.


G-Force Creative

Polarian Partners is currently working with G-Force Creative to advise them on issues of organization, financial structure and strategy as they build a new creative-entertainment firm.

G-Force Creative is developing a good vs. evil animated series that follows the adventures of the lovable creatures known as Wallables.  Driven by an innate desire to combat evil and led by their patriarch Oslow, the Wallables embark on missions beyond their enchanted world of Valdoria that are filled with peril, thrills and laughs – all the while being barraged by the evil Birch and his minions, who are obsessed with destroying the Wallables and their peaceful Valdoria.



Magnasail has patented a design that enables a sailing vessel to reduce heeling and leeward drift, while increasing speed.  This unique technology has potentially revolutionary applications for both the racing and cruising sides of the sailing industry.  Polarian Partners is advising Magnasail with the protection of its intellectual property, the marketing of the patent and concept, and business development.


Cintel is a European startup that has developed an innovative workforce management solution dedicated to telecom service providers with a customer base primarily in Europe. Polarian Partners helped Cintel develop its business in new markets, including the Middle East and Africa.

b bund logo.png

B on the Bund

B on the Bund is a Shanghai-based consulting services firm expanding to the U.S.. B on the Bund's challenge was to launch a new business in the U.S. by leveraging its knowledge, relationship of the Chinese market and Chinese companies. Polarian Partners worked with B on the Bund to help it get established in the US, adapt its business model for the American market, and develop pricing and go-to-market strategies.